Ron Sharp

Untitled photo

In 2017, I was lucky enough to sell my business which I had run from a warehouse in Edinburgh for twelve years.

I immediately decided to make up for all those years working inside by spending as much time as possible outdoors in the wonderful Scottish countryside.

I bought a decent camera to try and record some of the amazing Scottish scenery and wildlife.

The pictures were not great – so I bought a better camera.

The pictures were not great – so finally I bought a top of the range camera.

The pictures were not great!  So then I thought  I'd better learn how to take photographs!

Finally, after LOTS of studying and taking LOTS of photos, some of them are not bad – not great, but not bad.

It’s hard work carrying a load of heavy camera equipment up to the top of a Scottish mountain – and the mountains seem to be getting higher as I get older!

But always worth it when you get to the top.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.




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